Banning the Tackle in Rugby: A Lesson in A vs Z

A long but worthwhile read.


“In response to ongoing discussion about the dangers of rugby, and the proposal by 70 academics and doctors that tackles should be banned for children:

I waited 24 hours because it’s always good to float a few brief ideas, and gauge the response, to learn from people who agree but mostly those who disagree, and so having given myself some time to ruminate, here are some thoughts on the rugby tackle issue.

Firstly, let me clarify an important point here – if you defend rugby against this allegation that tackles must be banned because the sport is too dangerous, it does not automatically make you an acolyte, an apologist and a deranged ‘insider’ who cares not a tiny bit for the health of its participants. You can disagree with Position A without necessarily adopting Position Z. So, to save you the time, if you find yourself accusing anyone who rejects a ban as a monster, stop reading, because you’re about to encounter logic I’m not entirely sure you’re ready for. On the other hand, if you are open to discussion and *gasp* COMPROMISE, you may find 24 letters of the alphabet in between position A and Z…”