Patient Info

Patient Info

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  1. Asset Health Proposal is signed and emailed back to Sandi Hagemann with list of Executives and contact details.
  2. Executive Wellness Assessment is booked by calling Sandi / Devashnee on 031-3121136 / 033125706
  3. The Executive receives email communication outlining the process. This will include a Confirmation Letter and Map confirming the appointment, an Asset Health Questionnaire and Ampath blood form.
  4. The Executive has their pathology conducted at their nearest Ampath lab (at least 4 days prior to when the medical is scheduled to take place).  The results will be sent directly to the doctor at Asset Health conducting the medical.
  5. The Confirmation Letter and completed Questionnaire are emailed back to Asset Health, as per email address provided (at least 5-7 days before the medical).
  6. At the Executive Wellness Assessment, the questionnaire and pathology results are discussed, clinical examination and fitness components are completed and feedback on the overall findings of the medical are provided to the Executive verbally.
  7. The Asset Health report is then prepared and emailed to the Executive within 7 days of the medical.

If ANY of the following are reported or noticed then the player should be transported for urgent medical assessment at the nearest hospital:

  • player complains of severe neck pain
  • deteriorating consciousness (more drowsy)
  • increasing confusion or irritability
  • severe or increasing headache
  • repeated vomiting
  • unusual behaviour change
  • seizure (fit)
  • double vision
  • weakness or tingling / burning in arms or legs

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