Low Carb Living

Low Carb Living

Medically supervised weight loss programme for overweight or insulin resistant men

This 10 week programme is designed for men of any age with insulin resistance / carbohydrate intolerance. Based on sound scientific evidence, patients are educated in the need to follow a low carbohydrate diet, and provided with practical guidance to do so.

Patients need to book a consultation with Dr Hagemann first in order to assess their suitability for the programme. A panel of blood tests needs to be conducted prior to this consultation.

Low Carb, High Fat Consulting

 One on one consultations for those:

  • Who want to start a low carb, high fat diet
  • Who have already started a LCHF diet and have health concerns
  • Who want to have their progress monitored from all health aspects and to be medically supervised in their weight loss efforts
  • Who are endurance athletes (eg paddlers, runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, etc) who wish to improve their performance by fat adapting (keto-adapting) on a low carb diet